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Boarding Pass To Mars

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

My phone buzzes, it's 11 PM

The text reads, I know you love space

It has my name on it, that fancy document

A one-way ticket to the cosmos' birthplace

It's just two words on a microchip

Amidst a million others, my name

On a future mission to the Red Planet

Just another terrain for humankind to claim

Puny mortals, entangled in a power struggle

A vain attempt to tame this wild universe

Hark, temporal beings! The stars are calling to your soul

Give in to their light, let the galaxies break your curse

As for this trivial creature, I bow to your divine sanctity

Take my name, my vessel, my life-force

Engulf my anguish into your iridescent beauty

Away from this labyrinth of misery, take me back to my celestial source

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