I have always loved paradoxes, perhaps because everything in this universe has two sides to it. And as much as I try to see in black and white, I end up thinking in grey. With this blog, I attempt to present some of those greys, however scattered and sporadic they might be, a mess of unfinished thoughts if you will. Together, let's find those rays of sunshine in a world engulfed in darkness; together, let's find sanity in this world insane.


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The Posy's Dialogue

A minute passed. Then five. She gawked at the screen, dumbfounded. She had never expected anybody to go through her compositions, much...

An Orchid's Soliloquy

I ran a search for writer's block before starting this. Gave up about three seconds in. I couldn't focus long enough to type the query,...

The Cicadas' Song

It was a humid evening. Summer, with its cheery mornings and picnic-perfect atmosphere, had descended to a dolefully sultry monsoon. On a...

The Purple Dream

She saw him through the glass pane. Tangled up in catheters and bandages alike, there he lay, heartrendingly handsome and evidently...

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