I have always loved paradoxes, perhaps because everything in this universe has two sides to it. And as much as I try to see in black and white, I end up thinking in grey. With this blog, I attempt to present some of those greys, however scattered and sporadic they might be, a mess of unfinished thoughts if you will. Together, let's find those rays of sunshine in a world engulfed in darkness; together, let's find sanity in this world insane.


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From The One In Whose Smile Lies My Salvation

मन की तरंगे कहाँ कहाँ उड़ा ले जाती हैं कभी तो खुद को ऊँची से ऊँची ऊँचाइयों में देखते हैं, और कभी, पाताल की अँधेरी गहराईयों में ये मन है,...

Capturing Photos


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