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Evolution In Revolutions

My patterns are so vanilla, I'm almost embarrassed. I always crave new energy in pain. Fortunately though, this time around, I don't have to abuse social media for it - I'm walking right into it.

I met a bunch of my batchmates; seem like nice folks. Nice enough for me to make another plan with them only three days later. The latest unbelievable thing in my chronicles is that I'm being driven around in Mercedes' by somebody who is not a hyper-privileged brat.

I don't have a reason for it, but I picked up the fidget spinner on my way there today. I was quietly playing with it when the rickshaw halted at a signal. This kid came up to me. Now, I have a strict rule about not encouraging the adults behind this entire thing, or the kids, for that matter; so I never indulge. But it seemed like a toy to him, and he asked me for it with his big eyes. I think there could have been only one scenario in which you would happily oblige with my decision of giving it away, and this was it. He showed me how he could balance it on the tip of his finger. His face lit up the street better than all those vehicles as he happily skipped away.

I tore up the letters, and deleted the emails. Took down the photo, and threw away the ribbon. Things that are yours will go back to being just yours. That's how it should be, that's what I want. But this - I would've liked to keep this. It was a helpful reminder of my struggles, and the effort that should necessarily be put in to remediate them. But you know, Ma always says that whenever you feel like you've lost something, take it as a sign that its purpose in your life was served. Maybe...maybe that's true. Of the spinner, of us in each others' lives. And that is not hurtful. It''s closure. The real kind. The kind I never got. You always find a way to give me things I never knew I wanted.

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