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From The One I Want To See At The Top Of The World

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Sometimes I think the world would be a better place without me

Or maybe that’s just a selfish thought to end my sufferings

I wish I knew what I was meant to do

I wish I knew what was going to happen

Why does life feels so vain, so futile

Or maybe that’s how it was meant to be lived

Can it be possible to find peace in oneself

Or is it only a place, one calls home

Or a person, one calls soulmates

Where or in which one can find content

I always knew sorrow is important in order to feel happiness

But why does it have to be more for some and less for the rest

Why do I always feel that my problems are lesser than the others

Why am I so empathetic

Why can't I acknowledge my own emotions at times

But feel like I know exactly how the other person is feeling

Or at least that’s what I think they may be feeling

Why is it necessary for me to make others happy

Why can't I not care just this once

I think I want to be someone else

Someone who can love the world without wanting anything in return

Someone who doesn't live to please others

Someone who knows that they have it in them

What I always think I lack

I know and I appreciate that what I have is already more than many wish for

But for one who has it all

There is nothing left to want

And so there never was such a person

For whom their own world was enough

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