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From The One With Whom Life Seems Easier

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Living in India, where cricket is considered a religion, I was a big time cricket buff. My love for cricket began when MS Dhoni became the captain. Back in the day there was a time when I used to watch cricket matches ball to ball, be it ODI, test cricket or the T20.

Then how did Arsenal come into my life? The bigger question being, how did football come into my life?

My first memory of watching football goes back to 2006. The vague memory I have is of the World Cup Final between Italy and France, and the famous headbutt by Zidane.

Then this love was restricted to World Cups and didn't use to follow football diligently.

I only used to watch football during World Cups until one of my friends who was an avid arsenal fan introduced me to club football and to Arsenal football club.

Arsenal is a football club that hails from the north London, and plays in the top division of English football. The club is famously called, "The Gunners" and their fans go by the name Gooners. They have won the English top division title 13 times, that is behind Liverpool (19) and Manchester united (20).

They have record of winning 14 FA cups, highest by any club in English football.

In 2003-04 season Arsenal won the League and were unbeaten throughout the season, giving them the title of "The Invincibles" and the Golden Premier League, a feat yet to be achieved by any other team in English football. They were managed by Mr Arsene Wenger, one of the greatest managers in the world of football for a record 22 years.

The style of football Arsenal used to play under Wenger was famously known as the Wenger Ball, the reason why I fell in love with Arsenal. Once you start supporting a football club there is no turning back, be it in their happy days or sad days, you always have to stand by that club irrespective of the situation. That is like an unsaid rule. I am very emotionally attached to the club, the person who wanted me to write this piece is well versed with it. Supporting Arsenal is not at all easy. Arsenal has been like that love to me who you can never ever forget in your life. Even if you break up you will eventually end up with it the next day. The relationship with Arsenal continues till my last breath.

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