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Intelligence Of A Coherent Heart

The heart can sense your emotional response to an event even before it has occurred. It has its own intrinsic nervous system, that sends information to the brain, affecting the way we feel, think and perceive. In fact, the heart sends more signals up there than the other way around. They call it the little brain in the heart. Fun, no?

All this time, I cursed myself for relying on my heart more than my head, even when it was unwise. Turns out, I didn't. Sure, the romantic in me is a little disappointed upon hearing that what I thought was a residence of the soul is occupied by a bunch of neurons, but hey, I'm all about smart decisions now.

There was a time when pragmatism in a conversation hysterically provoked me. Still does, in certain settings. But call it age, or experience, I have come to rank rationale higher than emotionality. Sanity over sentiment, as I've learned the hard way.

The key, however, lies in discerning the moments that demand adherence to the rule and those that beckon rebellion. I am a long way from perfecting that balance, but what is life, if not a quest for equilibrium?

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