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Skeptic Speaks

It's fascinating what the human spirit can endure for a little bit of faith.

It is no secret that I am not the biggest believer in idol worship, or worship, for that matter. I have always maintained that we, as a community, need to believe in a higher power, irrespective of the existence of one. The way I see it, the notion of a deity, and the segregation of our species into organized religion is a clever, intricately fashioned distraction, possibly a necessary one too, from the woes of reality, and is a blameless way of going about life.

Which is why it's strange that every time I step into a place of prayer, a strange, delightful calm takes over me. Maybe because I associate temple with family, and their devotion is enough to propagate positivity to this agnostic(?). Or maybe, it's because for those few minutes, I see my fellow human beings set aside all divisive elements, and come together to look to an energy greater than them, blissful in their willing subjugation. It was difficult for me to imagine that individuals from my generation were practicing theists, but I was surprised to find just how many of them seek solace in holy sites when I visited one a couple days ago.

Unfortunately, it is not very hard to see why the same humanity resorts to extremism when their beliefs are challenged. It is a radical version of children arguing over whose parent, a savior and the highest authority in their short lives, is the strongest. I wish the solution was that glaring as well.

Well, anyway. On the off chance that there really is something out there, listening to us, you know what I want. Happy to barter, let's talk?

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