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Spine And Sunshine

Aw, I broke my streak. This was shaping up to be a good week, writing-wise. Funnily enough, during an incidental conversation with her a few nights ago, Ma told me that perfection is unattainable. Done is better than flawless. So, onwards we go.

I don't much like it when somebody asks me about my day anymore. Answering the question requires me to relive the past twenty four hours, and lately, all of them have been, let's say, unpleasant. Work has been disagreeable. The future lies uncertain. The other thing, you know, is a mess.

But today, although unsatisfactory, was a good day. I channeled my moxie, and talked to my superiors about a workplace situation. Irrespective of the impending resolution, I am proud of speaking up. You'd think that wouldn't be an issue with me, communication. Oh well. On the health front, while I am still not taking care of myself as I should, I am refraining from late night badminton games. Ideally, I should be using the time saved to get a good night's sleep. But, oh well? I'm trying to focus on the things that are going right, for once in my life.

The highlight, though, is that I'm going away for the weekend! My last vacation was over four years ago. It couldn't have come at a better time, there's no denying I need this. It feels exhilarating to be able to gift my family a getaway. Ever since I took charge of my emotional well-being, I have been acutely aware of every action that impacts it, and I'm hoping that I'll return from this break with my ledger all in the green.

Be back in a bit, I'm going to get me some happy.

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