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Ugh, Men

modern-day woman - 2022

leered at - train - nobody wants to give them beneift of the doubt more than i do, but I have been raised in a world where thats not an option - lest im grabbed and left alone in a ditch somewhere fighting for a life i wouldnt want to live

elbows out

male superiority - opinion on everything - no empathy - train toilet, bashing on the nation, train late - asking attendant - don't mind being late, just mind being in this insufferable company without my headphones - that twice I have had the misfortune of observing male chauvinism at play in two consecutive train rides, and these trains generally host the more privileged of the population - wear clothes that don't cling - practice my resting bitch face to deter unwanted eyeballs

seat in train

the fact is - the men around me albiet imperfect, but bright examples of a better generation of the gender - are in the shockingly marginalised minority

yes, i'm a mdern day 2022 woman. but I'll only step outside in shorts and a Spaghetti when I'm assured of not being leered at like a fresh piece of meat

instead of being quiet, sympathising spectators, when my male peers speak about these issues more than i do, i'd know we're moving in the right direction

but hey, atleast i had a chance to be born. thats supposed to be my big win against society, no? the gift of life.

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