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An Open Letter To My Heartworm: Volume II

Hey you,

I'm getting really tired of using this as a go-between. This place is becoming less me; more, well, I don't know what it is, but not me. Maybe I foresaw this when I asked you to exercise restraint. But, I had forgotten that I can never be all of me without all my pieces. This place was just as much your safe space as mine, if not more. I'm sorry I got in your way.

Long time, no see. This might be the first time I mean it - thank you, corporate - but I hope you're doing well. Keeping busy, finding time to have fun. Chasing your happy. If you're wondering, I've been okay. There's a lot going on, maybe I'll tell you someday when it all blows over. I ask myself every day if I'm doing the right thing with all of this. Your last email still makes me cry. I don't know if I abandoned you or I'm enabling you, and myself, to grow into our own selves. I hope you know I only want the best for us, and I believe this is it.

Maybe, all you need to know for now is how proud I am of you - of where you are, whatever you're doing. You have always been a star in the making. Your family, each one of us, knows that.

If you remember nothing else, remember this for me? The measure of an individual's life is beyond the collection of what they perceive to be successes. It's how much they touch other lives. You are the reason I survived like I did. You're the reason I thrived like I did. You've already accomplished more than what most people can ever hope to, and I know there is more coming your way. Don't let yourself tell you differently.

Don't get in your own way. Please.

Love, now and always,

Purple Unicorn

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