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It's the last day of my vacation, if we can call it that (we can't). I found that indomitable part of the human spirit that, in its eternal quest for bliss, refused to let it end on a sour note.

After scrambling all night following a terrible two hours, and a worse game later in the evening, I woke up early in the morning after only a few hours of sleep. In an attempt to salvage what would've went on to become a grouchy day, I decided to stay away from home for as long as I could.

Sometimes, I can make good use of my knack for upsetting people. To make up for a grievance they had against me, I planned a lunch date with a friend. What next? I'd had a particularly stimulating conversation with my Obi-Wan earlier, and was marginally excited about charting my path ahead. A quick search revealed a charming little place that I could work out of. Lately, I've heavily been craving new energy, and didn't think twice before setting an unknown destination on Maps. I cannot overstate how unbelievably glad I am for taking that leap of faith.

The last turn, as instructed by my automated guide, led me to a quaint old alley, at the end of which, lay my stop. Housed under shade nets, I stepped into an incredibly chic cafe. With a blended theme of white paint and natural decor, it was exactly the kind of welcoming, cozy space I was looking for. I must have done something right with kicking my risk-taking abilities up a notch, because the Universe decided to impart an unexpected present to me. The adorable dogs they sheltered! Needless to say, I hit the turning point of my day.

Something about this place brought me inexplicable delight. Maybe it was the novelty, maybe it was me being out on my own. It was definitely the bundles of joy. I was so enraptured that any element of responsible planning went out the Window, and I sat there amidst bustling tranquility, sipping my coffee. A group of probable edtech entrepreneurs to my left, discussing their next move and onboarding more schools. A bunch of women in front of me, cheerily peering over the delectable menu. Some fancily clad couples along the fringes.

I could've sat in silent observation for hours, but Ma's call cut my reverie short. I showed her around, and possibly provoked her enough to take herself out. She, in return, showed me a potential match, and cautioned me against delaying the rest of my life for too long. Sometimes, I find myself sharing her fear. Other times, I find myself in a spot crawling with furry sweethearts. As I squatted on the floor beside one of them to calm my nerves that get entangled a little too quickly these days, I found my next conversation in an attendant of the cafe, a portrait of humility, grit and hospitality.

When I left home this morning, I didn't know I'd be uncovering a gem hidden deep inside the lanes of the city. I don't think I believed in love at first sight until I set foot in here. Here's the deal. The little moments? The little things? They aren't little. Romanticizing a commercial property might not align with my modern sensibilities, but today, in this instant, as the clock counts down three hours since I got here, it's the happiest I've been in a while. I'm walking out with my head full of dreams, and my soul full of song.

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