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Live. Love. Laugh?

Some people would say I don't have a sense of humor. Not in a I-can't-take-jokes-without-getting-offended way, but in a nothing-really-seems-funny-enough to me way. They are all correct, I don't.

As a child, I had what they called in my home The 11PM Syndrome. Just before going to bed, I used to burst into this uncontrollable guffaw, for no particular reason most days. There was nothing common in all those incidents. Except that I was in the pleasant company of the people I love most, and that I was generally cheerful, always.

Needless to say, it passed. But the surprising part was the realization that came along with this change. The realization that I don't hear many people laugh anymore, if at all. Sure, I've heard the polite corporate chuckle. I constantly hear the forced social chortle. I see smiles all day. But it's been a while since I witnessed honest, hearty laughter.

It's funny too, considering whimsy is more easily attainable than ever. Memes, parodies, multimedia; humor at your fingertips. Or is it? Amidst forwarding and recording in the age of Instagram and stand-up comedy, have we forgotten how to amuse ourselves? Are sarcastic retorts and nonchalant sniggers all that we have left?

Perhaps I'm wrong. I sincerely hope for all our sakes that I am. I hope you can remember the last time you shared a candid, unruly laughter with your tribe. I hope you have insured yourself and yours with the oldest policy in the world. Laughter, after all, always was the best medicine.

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