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Struggling With Suds

Whoever said it is easier to find a partner than somebody to help with your household chores was unequivocally right. I have a growing suspicion that this is why most people don't wish to grow old by themselves - they'd have somebody to help clean their dishes for the rest of their lives.

I'm a little conflicted about being upset about not having help, it feels very bratty. But, I recently read somewhere that it’s okay to take a moment or two and be bothered by an unfavorable situation. I knew I shouldn't have gotten used to privilege, it's not in my wheelhouse.

I wish I had something more profound to say on the subject, but I really just wanted to complain. After about fifteen phone calls, all of which resulted in rejection, or worse, indifference, I'll be with my sponge and soap. Can somebody tell me how to deal with this growing-up-being-independent situation for future reference?

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