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Taken Captive

It started in the evening. My mood level hit the month's lowest tonight. For no particular reason. It may well be hormones, but I've got to get out of this funk. Two hours of music did not help. So, as a last resort, I'm forced to write, albeit begrudgingly, in the hope of a good night's sleep. I don't see it happening though.

This sudden, unwarranted dip is strange. I've been fantastic lately. Surrounded by family, situated in a location where peacocks and blue jays are only a hand's width away. Work has been great. A little slow for my liking, but it's making up for all those hectic hours from a few weeks ago. A cinemaesque romance is in the offing, in a world-is-my-oyster way. If all goes well, I get to visit my alma mater one more time, that's always a delight. The big move is coming closer too, that's certainly thrilling. The food situation is rather sorrowful, I must admit, but I've been on a minor health kick of late, so it's probably for the best.

In an interesting turn of events, I'm uncharacteristically excited for my birthday. Probably because it might be my last one at home? Or maybe I'm subconsciously keeping my New Year's promise. Hey, it's my day, I don't need a reason to look forward to it. I think. I've never been here before, I don't know the rules. Anyway, for once, I even have a present in mind that I'd love to receive. It's a tough one, I'll attempt to gift it to myself someday.

It's been quiet and lonely, yes, but I'll settle for this dark sunlight as of now. I have everything I need, and almost everything I want. On paper, as in reality, that sounds like a splendid life. So, I'll try to take these dispiriting moments in my stride. Don't be afraid to catch feels, right?

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