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Writing Prompts

- two year journey, how to search, seniors and peers, asking versus exploring, ownership

- gauging moods by profile pictures

- second-guessing myself for calling something out, so burdened with bias

- my mother wearing a shirt of my organization and my father sitting eating an ice-cream

- biggest problem today - decisions trying to do everything at once I want to be a great developer but I also want to learn management and write -- it's hard to remain put in face of ever-changing situations of your peers

- As beautiful as the sky may be, it is tragic. All it is, is a graveyard of stars.

- Survivor's guilt so immense no amount of therapy could fix it.

Every time I hear of a passing, I can't help but go back a few years, to some particularly dreadful days when I found out about my personal losses. Everybody has their own way of reacting to unanticipated news. Some shout, some cry. I am stunned into silence, to an extent where I stop talking altogether for hours.

- Nobody really got, at least not in one go, why I chose The Darkest Sunlight. To some, it seemed redundant; to others, just another seemingly nonsensical figure of speech. It sounds poetic sure, but what does it represent?

"We are all broken. That's how the light gets in." ~ Ernest Hemingway

All the world's a paradox; all the words, mere oxymoron. Stars shine brightest in the dark, rainbows don't appear without rainfall and everything that begins must end. Nature is full of fascinating little paradoxes, and yet we remain ignorant of the absolute necessity of everything wrong in the world - so we can find everything right. The Darkest Sunlight is a blog, nay an attempt, at highlighting the co-existence of harmony and havoc. Here, we ceaselessly find the tiniest cracks in an otherwise harsh life, and unveil the sliver of hope it offers in everything it brings.

Come, let's let the light prevail.

A couple years ago, after hours of thinking, this is how I described it. A haven for hope, so to speak.

- I don't lie. Not on most days, and not to the world that is external to my being anyway. When I do, it's usually to save somebody some pain, or to circumvent a situation that can be better handled in the definite future. I am, however, a strong proponent of misrepresentation and lying by omission, and a self-aware hypocrite.

Supposedly, Einstein said it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. I cannot decide whether I agree wholeheartedly, or utterly reject the thought.

- It's just another one of those days

When my heart is full but empty remains the page

Is this rage I feel, or is this what it feels like to be trapped in a cage?

The cursor blinks away, it's all a haze

Reading letters old, finding a photograph from happier times

Look at those smiling faces, could that really be us?

All that's left is an intermittent word, usually a cuss

The clock has struck now, it's all over it chimes

This has gone on too long

Is it too late to start over; a clean slate?

You played this one out diabolically well, Fate

Or was this never meant to be, was it all wrong?

The white sheet has black streaked across it now

Even great literature eventually comes to a finish

But, let the end's beauty not diminish

We must accept its grace, if only you'll show me how?

- There is a by-product that follows from moving around between places in short periods of time. If you are attentive enough, you start to notice that every city has a soul of its own, a psyche that is deep-seated in its dwellers, and it shows in everything they do in their day.

And that's how I realized the primary difference between my former and current city.

- We, as human beings, are colossally narcissistic. We like to believe that our brains are so complicated, that there's no telling what we might do, when the fact of the matter is, we might be the simplest of them all.

- They say breaks are important. Healthy. Needed. And I agree, for the most part. You know what the downside of taking a break is, though? Once you're back from your hiatus, the very thing that you had run away from, starts running away from you.

- I rewatched one of my favorite movies earlier today.

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck on a Ferris wheel. One minute I'm on top of the world, and the next, I'm at rock bottom. Over and over, all day long. Because a lot of my life is great,

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