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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

It's just another one of those days

When my heart is full but empty remains the page

Is this rage I feel, or is this what it feels like to be trapped in a cage?

The cursor blinks away, it's all a haze

Reading letters old, finding a photograph from happier times

Look at those smiling faces, could that really be us?

All that's left is an intermittent word, usually a cuss

The clock has struck now, it's all over it chimes

This has gone on too long

Is it too late to start over; a clean slate?

You played this one out diabolically well, Fate

Or was this never meant to be, was it all wrong?

The white sheet has black streaked across it now

Even great literature eventually comes to a finish

But, let the end's beauty not diminish

We must accept its grace, if only you'll show me how?

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