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Butterflies In My Balcony

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Daintily moving along a leaf, its cylindrical body exuding grace

The caterpillar gently wiggles by; strong in mind, slow in pace

Growing in size, fulfilling its directive, it lives on only to eat

Breathing holes and warning colors, its survival is no small feat

Much like us in life, it holds onto an anchor

Plant and creature blend into one, flourishing together without rancor

The chrysalis transforms within, patient in its wait

Metamorphosis or miracle, science and faith continue to debate

As the first cracks appear, the casing splits

Climbs out the butterfly, in all its glory and glitz

The struggle's not over, its hollow body still frail

Eventually it expands, the exquisite beauty unveils

A story of perseverance and growth, a story divine

The Universe educates us from this intricate design

Hope reigns supreme; unceasingly you transform

Fly farther, you marvel of nature; come rain or thunderstorm

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