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Can I?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Let's not romanticize pain

Why don't you call it as it is?

Ugly and hurtful and devastating

All that agony in vain

Let's not romanticize the seasons

It's just rain and sunshine and snow

Winds blow and tides turn

Not nature's whisperings, don't lose reason

Let's not romanticize love

Literature and drama have done you wrong

A fleeting sensation, a dangerous disadvantage

A chemical defect, not a sign from above

Let's not romanticize life

A convoluted blend of despair and delight

A mere numbers game, a blind lottery

I won indeed, now survivor's guilt runs rife

But let me romanticize the universe?

My soul, my stars, eternal hope emanating

A higher power for the powerless

For the sufferer in me, a benevolent nurse

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