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Cosmos Calling

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Vast expanses and deathly silence

Harrowing blackness and explosions in violence

So far out, and yet so near

A whisker away, just beyond the atmosphere

The Universe was perhaps never meant to be studied as science

No wonder Nature withholds all her secrets in defiance

The literates persist with their singularities and their Big Bang

Unabashedly neglecting the dreamers' quiet harangue

Leave the skies be, let alone the stars

Venture beyond your heathen numbers, look for the saga in their scars

Cry for Altair and Vega, separated by galaxies, but for a day a year

Revel in Perseus' love, waging entire wars for his Andromeda dear

Surrender your quests, give up your rationale

Align with the lunatics, gaze at our glittering locale

Question not of how it all came to be

Only revere in awe, the stardust that makes you and me

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