Falling From Grace

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Green and turquoise in all their glory

Peacock feathers adorn my walls

Each one with its own story

A tale of finesse, a tale of falls

My blessed eyes witness the majestic being

Dancing merrily, squawking with pride

Lifetime's peace in a moment so freeing

Buzz runs on the surface, serenity inside

But dew-kissed flowers bedeck plants best

A plucked petal speaks only of desecration

Like putting an end to a sweethearts' quest

Immortal love succumbs to eternal damnation

So too these lone plumes serve as wistful keepsakes

A broken piece detached from an exquisite whole

Inevitably torn asunder, add it to Nature's mistakes

Marvelous mementos embellish my home, only, without soul

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