Horizon, A Rendezvous

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A cup of tea, a blanket over me

Lights turned down, quiet engulfs the town

Look, the heaven is leaking

Thunderstorms and clouds, who knows what are they seeking?

Football and fun, look at the kids run

Look at the cars splashing, look at the peacocks so dashing

Look around you, the earth welcomes the rain

Why do you then sit so sullen, what is your pain?

Is it a love lost, one that demanded too high a cost?

Or is it the skies' anguish, miserable in its languish?

Is it the flash of remembrance, the memory of simpler days?

Or are you missing the sun, the mornings, and the first rays?

Your tryst is with that blazing globe of fire; that's where your heart is, that's what you desire

Expectancy fills your air; you await that warm, enlightening glare

My dear sun-child, lest you forget

Your cherished colors paint the skies only by your star's and the showers' duet

To the monsoon you deride, you owe a debt

It is one half of the world's oldest love affair, the sun plays Romeo to the water's Juliet

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