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If I Were To Pray

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I've never been sure where my faiths lie

In an all-powerful Almighty, the Universe, or in the stars that die

I'm not sure who I plead to, when I look to the skies

With an anxious soul, and a heart full of cries

Take care of Pa, he worries too much

Give Ma strength, for she is our crutch

Bless my sister, help her find her bliss

Sucess to my friends, no dream may they miss

Keep him forever close, the one I love

Hope you're being nice to the one you called above

Sprinkle your holy on all I know

Be a kind maker, and take away their woe

But if you hear nothing else, hear this

Look at your world, plunged into this dark abyss

Power, prominence, property is the only talk in towns

Man kills man, they knock off their sisters' crowns

Crushed under debts, despair and depression

No sign of peace, living in constant oppression

Oh, how I long to fix this loveless earth

Ensure no child sleeps hungry, ensure there's never again any dearth

We've got flying machines, we can talk to people miles away

With such progress forward, why then are we still in this disarray?

This world where your daughters are slaughtered even before they're born

Can anybody mend this, or are we too far gone?

I look at the world, and find myself questioning the celestial enhancer

"Why did you allow this to happen?", said I

And at the trial of God, only an echo was the answer

"Why did you allow this to happen?", I heard the heavens cry

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