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The Love Story

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

A little girl in a big city

Wide-eyed and gay

Learning to laugh, learning to live

Seizing every day

She first heard of love in the books she read

In sagas legendary and in poetry esprit

She set out to seek her revelation

The magical truth that would set her free

But the world was unkind

And love here, a mess

Painful, tainted, egotistical

Calculative, a game of chess

Dejected, lost, hurt, solitary

She all but gave up her quest

Was it too much to ask for, she wondered

Head in hands, her soul in unrest

Then she looked up, her eyes opened

Witnessing a world she hadn't seen before

Epiphany struck, realization hit

Her faith was restored, and hope galore

For she saw love for the first time

When sunlight touched the expectant ground

When flowers blossomed, when stars twinkled

Raindrops caressed her, and love was found

She looked at the moon, glorious and divine

Its luminescence spoke to her that night

Open your lovely heart child, it said

Let go of the past, and let love shine bright

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