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The Person I've Become

A breezy afternoon, good day so far

A playlist on shuffle; a little piano, some guitar

The song changes, still silence for a second

Then one comes on, reopening an old scar

Modern loneliness

We're never alone, but always depressed

Love my friends to death

But I never call and I never text

I hit pause, on the phone and in mind

Lose all control, an involuntary rewind

The times lost to time, they all come back to me

So much of life, in these four lines entwined

If I could cleanse my soul

Then I could fill the world with all my problems

But shit, that wouldn't solve them

So, I'm left here alone

All these people to talk to

All these relationships to pursue

All the chances I blew

Waiting for that one to come through

The algorithm strikes, the next number plays

A groovy tune, the year's latest craze

My inflated desolation mellows down, a dramatic phase

Like the upbeat melody says, there will be better days

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